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Sample poems

The Perfect Bivvi by Simon Duncan


The perfect bivvi will be level and flat

No stones or lumps under your back

A mattress of beech leaves soft and warm

But without  creatures rustling in the dark

A rock Shelter adjacent in case of a storm

And protected from elves by a retaining wall

High enough for a view, but sheltered from wind

Next to running water and by a pool

Near the path

But out of sight

All is ready for the morning light

Suburban Safari by

Melissa Dennison 


We are adventurers in a lost world

Rachel, Richard and I, next door neighbours

jungle trekking through the bush,

our imaginations are engines throbbing;

ticking over with wild imaginings -

lions, tigers and dragons may be hiding



to leap out -


tearing us limb from limb -

swallowing us whole with a savage gulp.


Near the stepping stones are monsters

toy dinosaurs lay scattered –

strewn across the path….


We are creeping,


six eyes round like flying saucers

heart beats thudding in our brains

as trepidation courses through our veins,

hiding in suburban shrubbery

jagged slivers of cerulean pierce the spartan canopy

blood red buds above our heads are waiting,

around our ankles - green tinged swords.


Time is an alien notion,

have we been exploring for minutes, hours or days?

reaching the jungles’ edge

stepping out onto the lawn,

shoes soaked by the shower kissed grass


we made it!

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