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The perfect Bivvi

The perfect bivvi will be level and flat

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Haiku for today

Updated: Apr 12

Hi, as a happy haikuist (is there such a word I wonder?) I like to write a haiku every day. Now, they are not all masterpieces or even good, but I enjoy it, its fun and practice may make me perfect of perfect-ish one day!

Recently I had a haiku accepted by the British Haiku Society, in the upcoming Spring edition of their journal 'Blithe Spirit'. I was over the moon on hearing this, as this for me is a dream come true. This just goes to show that if you persevere, and keep practising your haiku you will get there. If I can do it, so can you.

Here then is my haiku...

a sky full

of pink stars...

cherry blossom


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