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The perfect Bivvi

The perfect bivvi will be level and flat

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Pamphlets, zines and haiku

After a short break I am back to writing a haiku daily (well almost daily). I am always writing and putting together submissions and so sometimes this blog sits on the back burner. At present we are creating a pamphlet or a zine (depending), so do watch this space! It has been an exciting and busy year for Simon and I, and we have been very busy writing poetry and prose. Simon is also juggling time with his wormery, garden and allotment, ensuring his broad beans are stood in rows.

I can't believe it is now summer. We began this website in January. Where has the time gone? It is now June, not that you would believe it as is chilly for the time of year, with air flowing down from the Arctic. I am sitting here in my winter woollies! Anyway, here is my haiku offering of the day. I hope you like it. Drum roll please...

cooling breeze

the laughter of magpies

in the trees

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