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The perfect Bivvi

The perfect bivvi will be level and flat

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Poems for everyday objects

Updated: Feb 8

Now you may be thinking that poetry has to be about highfalutin' or serious topics, but no it does not. A poem can be about anything at all, it can be silly, flippant, humorous ; whatever you want it to be. The most important thing is to have fun writing it. Here is one that I wrote about an ordinary object that I use everyday - my porridge pot. I hope it makes you smile as much as it did me when I wrote it!.

Porridge pan_240104_155640
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Sitting on the hob

I feel so proud

Amongst the other pans

My only job

Is to warm your porridge


Unlike the other pans

Who are used for

Many purposes -

Boiling spuds,

Cooking peas,

Scrambling egg and

Making your tea


I am shiny and clean

I don't want to be mean

But the other pots

Are showing their age

With missing lids

Loose handles

And ancient stains


I love being plunged

Into soapy water

What I like to call my bubble bath

Where I am rubbed

And scrubbed

Until my surfaces sparkle

Then you caress me

With your fluffy towel

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