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The perfect Bivvi

The perfect bivvi will be level and flat

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Tete a tete

Another murky and damp late winter/early spring day in mid February. It has been a strange winter, up and down temperature wise, due to climate change. And so this morning to my surprise I stumbled across a miniature Daffodil in full bloom. It was a lovely splash of sunshine on an overcast day, but is it out a bit soon?

Being an artistic sort I took a photo on my phone and the result is below. What strikes me the most about this image is the gorgeous spherical raindrop resting on a petal. It looks like a world within a world. As I was contemplating this I thought of the Daffodil being pleased to see her friend again, as maybe it had been a while. I think as it has been Valentine's Day this week I have been thinking about all sorts of relationships! Here they are then, happily having a catch up, maybe reminiscing about 'old times'.

And so I wrote a haiku:

old friends

meet again

daffodil and raindrop

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