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The perfect Bivvi

The perfect bivvi will be level and flat

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The Good Ol' School Days

Ok, so mine were not that long ago, but its all relative.

Here is a poem that I wrote inspired by my school days. This has been recently published here Christingle, By: Melissa Dennison - Poetry Catalog. please follow the link if you are interested. I hope you enjoy reading this and that you can relate in some way...maybe to my hatred of double maths?




Hair brushed to a glossy sheen

navy uniforms smell of fresh ironing

one hundred hands cradle the world


flickers from the candles

shadows on Victorian stones

slowly wax drips.


Our voices rise to this occasion

rehearsed over and over in

the hall, which I enjoy


as dreaded maths is cancelled.

Outside the world is

plunged into blackness


wrapping around me like

a close friend, this time

of year is magical,


yet I don't stop or think

about the pretty

red ribbon


winding round.

Or that in three month's time

we will be celebrating death.


Why does love demand this sacrifice?























Melissa Dennison January ‘24


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