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The perfect Bivvi

The perfect bivvi will be level and flat

  • ssduncan3

Unrequited love, the Shakespearian sonnet.. and a Haiku

Updated: Jan 30

A traditional subject for a traditional form. But with a modern twist and the strict form is somehow liberating - freedoms set by boundaries?

Ode to the milkman
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The lovelorn housewife and the randy milkman were stock comic figures of 1960s suburban Britain. A minor part of the 'Carry On...' genre. Today, most people buy milk from supermarkets. In this version, the gender and sexual identity of the householder is left open.

Ode to Sergeant Mandy
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Climbers often take their climbing shoes with them just on the odd chance of finding some rock or somebody to climb with. Escaping from a work conference in Heidelberg, I came across a bolted piece of rock with a US army platoon climbing it. Sergeant Mandy came along later. I didn't climb with her but she has somehow become the repository of feelings about the chance of romance, or is it the romance of chance?

Maybe Melissa's haiku puts it more succinctly

tongue tied in knots

a cloud of butterflies

overwhelm me

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